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Lilideco Story

Lilideco is a women's clothing store that my wife and I co-founded. My wife's name is Lily, and we dream of decorating an ordinary clothing store into a girl's shopping paradise. So that's where our store name Lilideco comes from.

We started a store in a small city in Montana in August 2017 and our main product type is young womenswear.

At first, we failed many times due to the immaturity of our ideas. Fortunately, my wife has supported my cause throughout.

Finally, after three years of unremitting efforts, we successfully launched our brand in many offline retail stores in September 2020.

Because we have failed so many times, we have a better understanding of what women really need. After our success, we are in no hurry to expand our business area. What we choose is to precipitate and enrich ourselves.

We start a trial of the online site in July 2022.

In the future, we hope that over time, our store can bring joy to more people.

Our Slogan

Money doesn't depend on saving. Beauty is worth spending.



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Email: support@Lilideco.com

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